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Happy 6th to Circle Brewing

We recently attended Circle Brewing’s big birthday bash and rang in their 6th year anniversary. And as proper beer Ambassadors we let nothing stand in our way. Not rain nor busy schedules, as it was our duty to find out…

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Lets Save Black Star Co-Op

A few weeks ago an email was leaked about some terrible news about Black Star Co-op having historically low sales and that the first of its kind may be in danger of closing. The Austin American Statesman ran an…


Free Beer at Austin Beerworks

This past weekend Austin Beerworks had free beer!  The Brewers Table, a new brewery that is opening up in East Austin, was showcasing their signature lager beer for one day only.  TXBT was out there for Free Beer at Austin…


TGIF the 13th! 4th Tap Co-op Fun!

Who’s going to let a little Friday the 13th superstition dull the weekend? Not us or as luck would have it neither did 4th Tap Co-op. They embraced it at doubled down with a unveiling event for their Crystal Lake Chamomile Ale and…


Lala’s The Everyday Christmas Bar

Lala’s: A Place Where It’s Christmas All Year Round It is that time of the year again. Where everyone is getting into that Christmas spirit. Do you contemplate life every year when Christmas time comes and goes? Do you…