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The History

Celis Brewery has not been in Austin for 17 years, having left back in 2000 when it was bought by Miller-Coors.  But after 17 years, the founders of whats deemed as the first brewery in the state of Texas is back after regaining the name and trademarks! Celis Brewery is reopening to hold its Grand Opening on Tuesday, July 11, exactly 25 years to the day of the original’s brewery’s grand opening in 1992. Check out this Austin American-Statesman newspaper clipping on the story and history of the brewery:

The Grand Opening

On July 11th, Celis Brewery had there grand opening and man was it a warm welcome from the Austin Community! Just look at the picture below as proof:

Grand Opening 🙌🏼

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Celis Brewery worked with everyones favorite Do512 to promote the Official Grand Opening.  The event had over 725+ users signed up saying they were going to attend the event. They handed out these nifty bands to everyone in attendance:

The event was an absolute blast, other than the ridiculous Texas heat but thats why BEER was invented to help balance out Mother Nature. Did we mention that this was only one side of the outside.  This video shows how many people came out to the official grand opening:

Packed house to support one of the first breweries in texas coming back home! #supportlocal

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Celis Brewery

Celis Brewery

The inside of the brewery is a sight to see.  The very first thing you will see when you walk in is one of the original brass taps from the original Celis Brewery. As you can see below, modeled by Ryan. (he claims he was not flexing in the picture #noflexzone)

Celis Brewery Inside

The Beer itself is tasty. I mean look at this “East Coast [Northeast] style IPA.” The picture alone makes you want one right?:

Well maybe your more of a fancy drinker, with candle light.  They got you covered on that too:

Celis Brewery has a beer for every type of beer goer and it slowly and easily won our hearts back.  It is easy to see why there was such a huge turnout for one of the first breweries in Texas.  We think Celis Brewery will become our new favorite drinking spot.  Go and grab a beer you can thank us later #Cheers

Celis Brewery beer

What are your favorite breweries in Austin?

What are your favorite breweries in Austin? Know of a brewery that you think everyone in Austin is missing out on? Got a brewery that you just love? Let us know what y’all recommend and we will throw up a post on it.

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