Happy 6th to Circle Brewing

We recently attended Circle Brewing’s big birthday bash and rang in their 6th year anniversary. And as proper beer Ambassadors we let nothing stand in our way. Not rain nor busy schedules, as it was our duty to find out what’s good with one of our favorite neighborhood brewery’s. But most importantly to say Congratulations and Cheers!

So while the weather less than ideal as a testament to the quality and appreciation that we, and others, have for the brewery the event still received a great turn out. As it was packed inside, full outside, and the block a busted with parking. But more on the actual event. Circle Brewing had a lot of things to celebrate on their anniversary, those being one year more, a rebrand, and two of their brews had won global awards (we told you that they are legit).

To outline all that was celebrated. Their Alibi Blonde Ale took Silver at last years World Beer Cup in Germany (yes it’s a real thing) and their Archetype IPA took the gold at the same event. This is just incase you want credentials for this local and neighborhood brewery. Additionally they also changed their logo, away from the simple and meta word circle within a circle to this above seen graphic design. And we are digging it all!

So to summarize the event, there was a lot of good going on and it was all well received. You may be wondering how they decided to throw this bash aside from great flowing beer. And the answer is in classic brewery style. They booked two local food trucks, Rebel Pizza Bar and Evil Weiner. They also booked a couple of local bands. Which because this is Austin were amazing! We are hoping that we get to see repeat performances at future events.  Cheers to Six and many more!

Random House Keeping

Circle Brewing always has events going on as they are a very active and engaged brewery. For an up to date calendar Follow Us! Or check out their chalk board or hit up there social media. Info in the pic

And finally if you want a little info on their Gold Medal Winner and their latest Seasonal check it out!


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