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Party World Rasslin’ | 4th Tap Brewery | Austin, Texas | TX Brews and Tunes

Party World Rasslin’ at 4th Tap Brewery

What a unique experience this past weekend was courtesy of 4th Tap and Party World. If you were not there or do not know about either of those things, we’ll give you a quick break down. From our understanding 4th Tap and Party World have a event agreement in which 4th Tap hosts Party Worlds wrestling events on a recurring basis. And our take on Party World Wrestling is that it is an amateur version of WWE or something of the sort. Enter DinoSlam!

The wrestling ring is a mainstay at the brewery of if you’re there when the free show is not going on walk into the warehouse and check it out. Extra points for selfies! We the frequent patrons that we are have seen the ring and the wall of wrestlers a many of times, however never managed to catch one of the free events. A problem we had to rectify. So on this past hot Saturday we made our way into the ever hotter warehouse full of regular fans and newbies alike to take in the experience. And bonus we ran into some people that we had not seen in forever that go way back! The power of beer!

The event can be best described as something that has a cult following. We being newbies had no idea. But the general feel was that this was a continuation of past events. And here is a certain level of expected audience participation and ritual that goes with it. So we stuck out The Valley like conditions to take it in to share it. And if I were to compare it to something that can be easily identified, I’d say that it’s WWE  meets The Rocky Picture Horror show. So if that is your cup of tea enjoy!

During the intermission we had to get out to cool off and rehydrate (more beer!) and share our thoughts. Which after a long academic and philosophical debate we concluded that for a free show its not bad. Especially if you are not intending to see high octane and quality rasslin! For example at one point they were wrestling a puppet (que lo que?). But if you want to hear some decent amateur trash talk, drink some amazing beer, and buzz to full blown enjoyment. Then book you a trip for the next installment of this local production.

We also paused to take a sweaty photo because we handsome, huh? And because this is Austin there were two food trucks which were both quality in the clutch! Josh got two orders of nachos one carnita and one chicken. While I went to truck number two and got me the combo dinner. That consisted of a chicken and waffle taco, a pork belly slider, and watermelon salad. All of which was lights out amazing. If you did not know, 4th Tap has a great rotation of food trucks on the weekends so don’t worry if you get the muchies while drinking.

See the vlog below. But to conclude, we raise our glasses and raise a toast to 4th Tap for being a great neighborhood resource. In addition to providing us with anything but dull times! So keep the beer flowing and the good times rolling!


Party World Rasslin’ | 4th Tap Brewery | Austin, Texas

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