TGIF the 13th! 4th Tap Co-op Fun!

Who’s going to let a little Friday the 13th superstition dull the weekend? Not us or as luck would have it neither did 4th Tap Co-op. They embraced it at doubled down with a unveiling event for their Crystal Lake Chamomile Ale and an acouticanvas pop up event. Which in my opinion was clutch call! And in true 4th Tap tradition they had more unique happenings, more on that later. But moral of the story is that it was a great way to kick off the weekend. TGIF the 13th! Even if it is Friday the 13th….

TGIF the 13th!

tgif the 13th

Are you unfamiliar with who/what Acousticanvas is? Don’t feel bad, I was ignorant too, but here is some enlightenment (or at the very least my take). From what I could tell Acousticanvas is a local collective that promotes local arts, crafts, and music. Pretty cool, I love everything about it in all honesty. So if you like to “Keep Austin Weird” be sure to follow them. As they have events all over town, and each event could/will feature different local producers. So lets keep the arts and culture alive and help support those who help give Austin the reputation that we love! Links to their Facebook and Instagram.

(Friendship Brew Imperial Cherrywood Smoked Rye and chow stand)

After the débuted round I noticed a new offering and figured why not? I order me a Friendship Brew, which is an Imperial Cherrywood Smoked Rye, and two things. First it is money! And two it is no misnomer, as soon as I ordered it I ran into an old high school buddy of mine, whom I hadn’t seen in years. Neat story their, he is a full blown lawyer who instead of practice law full time is filling this time teaching. And where you’d expect, he’s at Eastside Johnson. I wonder if that is how the Lincoln Lawyer got his start. But anyways thank you, you magical brew. After catching up decided to the next Austin thing and get street food, and if you haven’t tried The Best Wurst then you must a vegetarian (sorry). All I’m going to say on that topic is that it was a great pairing. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

4th Tap Brewery Live Music

(Just a little snippet from one of the acts of the night, Keep Rocking it Scala Dat)

So to sum it all up. 4th Tap struck success again in getting people to come out and have a good time. They had good brew, good tunes, and good vibes. Everything that we are all about! They always seem to know how to throw a good party and get a full house. And every event has its own unique twist and feel to it. Like I said earlier they had a lot of unique things going on, and the theme of the night if you can believe it was not GoLocal and see our beer. Instead they bought into the Friday the 13th idea and threw the years first Halloween Party. As they had the creators of The House of Torment come out for a little fun. Like I said, this little brewery likes to put its own spin on things. Check out the ABV on the Crystal Lake. Check out the rest of our photos below.

(Proof it was a TGIF the 13th Halloween Party, but the non-slutty kind – Photo Credit 4th Tap)


(Beer Board, nuff said)

(Is it a real party without a photobooth? Source’s point to no #legit)


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